Roger Dietz started a great idea.  He has been trying to get buzz around our sport in the Philadelphia area for many years.  Greg Ashman has always followed the sport and contributed to Roger's emails, helped with rankings and always has an even look at the competition in our area.  Doug Blystone also has kept a great pulse on the area and tries to help apply technology to solve the problem of publicizing our sport.

So, when we bring this all together, we came up with VBCoaches.com.  This site has a charter to be organization independent and provide information to the greater Philadelphia area coaches and solicit input from those same coaches.  Since local papers will not engage publicizing much about our sport, Roger, Greg and Doug are trying to create our own publicizing strream to bring more exposure to the great coaches and great kids in our area and get them the recognition that is received by other local area sports. 


We hope that as the word gets out, we get more and more coaches trying to help build this site, and help accurately assess teams in the are through on line surveys, articles, columnists and any other way you feel you can help this site grow into our publicity hub for the greater Philadelphia area.