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Automated Rankings

RankSchool Name
1Bishop Shanahan
2Great Valley
3WC Henderson
4Pope John Paul II
5Archbishop Wood
6Gwynedd Mercy
7Villa Maria
8Strath Haven
9Merion Mercy
10Archbishop Carroll
12Perkiomen Valley
13Central Bucks East
14Downingtown West
15Germantown Academy

Current Rankings

The Top 10 Coaches Poll is voted on by a committee of area coaches.

If you are interested in being on this committee please send you thoughts and contact information to Greg at and Roger at

Week 4

1) Perk Valley 10-0

2) Bishop Shanahan 9-1

3) Pope John Paul II 8-2

4) Villa Maria 10-1

5) Great Valley 11-0

6) Strath Haven 11-1

7) Merion Mercy 9-4

8) Upper Merion 10-1

9) Downingtown West 10-1

10) CB East 12-1

Week 3

1) Perk Valley

2) PJP

3) Shanahan

4) Villa Maria

5) Upper Merion

6) Great Valley

7) Merion Mercy

8) AB Carroll

9) Strath Haven

10) D-Town West

Week 2

1) PJP

2) Villa

3) Shanahan

4) Upper Merion

5) Merion Mercy

6) Perk Valley

7) Henderson

8) AB Carroll

9) Strath Haven

10) D-Town West

Week 1

1) PJP

2) Villa

3) Henderson

4) Upper Merion

5) Shanahan

6) Strath Haven

7) Merion Mercy

8) AB Carroll

9) Perk Valley

10) tie Unionville & D-Town West

Preseason Top 10

1) Pope John Paul II

2) Bishop Shanahan

3) Villa Maria

4) Merion Mercy

5) Strath Haven

6) Upper Merion

7) Perk Valley

8) Pennridge

9) D-Town West

10) CR North


Welcome to the Volleyball Coaches Portal.  This site is intended to be one stop shopping for all news about volleyball across the greater philadelphia region.  If you have information that should be shared, please email it to Greg at or Roger at  Thank you and we hope you find the site useful and informative.

Good Luck to all as the season begins.

Coaches please report scores, with the pursuit of trying to go High School volleyball in the press this is what has been requested from the Philadelphia Inquirer;

Teams can report scores to us at 215-854-4570 or by email at All teams are welcome to report scores and highlights to us, and we'll include the scores and schedules of everyone who reports to us on the scoreboard of our Rally page in the Inquirer and online at We will include some volleyball highlights in our daily roundups when space and time permits.

Volley talk is a free web site on which fans coaches, players and others interested in volleyball post questions and seek comments on many subjects.
On the current list of subjects talked about is :
I urge you to read the offering from a Commentator called DUMAS on page 3 of the thread.

You owe it to yourself and your child to read and understand the immense misunderstanding about collegiate scholarships.

New Playoff Seeding Procedure!

VOLLEYBALL POWER RATING (current rankings)

Here is a step by step description of the ranking process:

1. Only best of 5 matches are to be included; abbreviated matches, such as those played in tournaments, are to be excluded.

2. Only best of 5 matches with PIAA schools are to be included ; matches with non-PIAA schools are to be excluded.

3. District one teams that play matches with PIAA teams that are outside of District One, are responsible for obtaining end of season win/loss records of those opponents to have them included in the ranking calculation.

4. The ranking calculation weighs two factors; a team’s season win/loss record, and the pre-district playoff win/loss records of that team’s PIAA opponents (as defined in steps 1-3).

5. An index will be calculated  using  55% of a team’s own win/loss record (% matches won/total matches played), added to 45%  of the combined win/loss records of its opponents.  This formula is designed to reward teams that play competitive schedules.

6. Each District One team will be ranked for district playoffs using the 55/45 index, with the team with the highest total index ranked first, the team with the second highest index ranked second, and so on until all available seeds are determined.